Innocent Bird

I have directed one short film and a video song in 2011 without any experience. It didn't give me any appraisal except 2 things which valued more than appraisal. First, it gave me a lot of experience what one should be and do to be in this industry. Secondly, it gave me a chance to work local director as a AD for 3 movie. Great experience though.

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And after 3 years, I am doing it once again but this one will be really short one literally.I'm hoping that this one will be create a new path for me to rise. Thanks to my team members who have done their best especially Mogan who was and will be my part of future projects.

Without creating much hype, this is just a shortest short story. It's simply what we would call as a test shoot before go live.

I really hope to see some genuine comments from you all as the whole team have put a lot of effort to make things works despite all of them are new to this.

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