Sindamani a.k.a Cinta Manis

This posting was supposed to be published last year but due to some technical problems I couldn't make it.So finally,came up with this entry.

Brief information
Cinta Manis Cave a.k.a Sindamani Cave located near Karak in Pahang,and the hill is easily seen from the KL - Karak highway.It is a completely isolated limestone outcrop.The cave is used as a small unofficial Hindu temple and you can enter the cave only with barefoot and dressed in vesthi (dhoti),and not permitted to take pictures inside the cave unless permitted by the "Ayyah"(shaman).The cave has a lot of bats and a lot...lot..lot of guano in the cave.When reached the "Amman" temple,I was told it was 17 feet inside the cave..2 things makes me a bit worry 
1.The smell.."yemma yenna vaadeda athu,mayakkame varuthe"
(Shit,the smell inside the cave almost make me faint)
2.The darkness.."irukere lightle thidirne rope putusna...setheda nee"
(How if suddenly the rope off and I couldn't image anymore)

Mogan and Myself

The cave

Without shoe...
At the cave entrance...
No vesthi..No entrance..

Really dark inside...
The smell..
"Thumbikkai mathiri irukke"
17 feet under the cave

The worst part...
Poojai under 17 feet
From inside..
The secret path..

And Finally.....
This image was captured by Mogan and what was confusing us  is the the movement of the light just like a snake.
And before we back to KL..Mogan sempat to promote..
Enjoylah durian bro...