Jalan-Jalan to Kluang

It have been quite some time back that I went to JB with the Paadavaralam Organizing Crew.So this time went to Kluang with my housemates Raj, Mohan and Jeyganesh and did had a chance to visit to Raj's house as well. I'll never forgot this trip to there,who can forget a journey that took almost 7 hours from KL to Kluang..LOL. We spend a day at Raj's house and went to nearby waterfall ,Raj's old house at Renggam,watch movie at a theater that reminds me "Oor cinema theaterle padam partha feel".

The Original Kluang Station @ KLUANG 

Roti bakar and coffee-must taste food !
Coffee and sembang kosong session
Durian kampung session

Old cinema teater @ KLUANG

Hutan Lipur Gunung Belumut @ KLUANG

The best thing at KLUANG is the Kluang Station roti bakar and coffee.The taste..hmmmm...speechless...