A day to remember 21/12/2012

          When the whole world was curious on what might happen on this day, the last rumour spread was something unusual phenomena might happen at 7.30pm (nothing happened actually) but yet I encountered something which is very special for me, something that keeps running in my mind, which kept me think about it for a very long time. I guess it would be a sign for me somehow.         

        Back in 2011, me and my team of friends (Mogan, Mathavan, Yamuna,Uma, Premah and Balan) we have made a short film for the BMW Shorties entitled WAU ,and we failed to make it .I thought it will be full stop to something that I really wanted to do, because I believe what people used to say muthal konnal, mutrinillum konnal (if something fails at the very beginning ,it’s just a sign that it going to fail forever).Even after a long struggle I made a video song for 2012 valentine day ,thanks to Youtube and also Anirudh ,the video manage to hit with a more that 26,000++ views .With the comments and messages ,and all those encouraging words, for a moments make me thought ,I’m at the right path, but some voices says ,it just because of the song, nothing to do with the actor, actress ,location ,camera , editing, concept and just because of the chart buster song. Another one was like this “why can’t you come up with local song video songs, WHY INDIA?” should I answer this straight forward, it’s not about Malaysia or India, I’m just concern about the local copyrights issues with our artists, I respect them and also their work. So, feel free to contact me to shoot up your video songs, sure we can work for it.
         When so much of conflicts goes around you and your dream, with studies along, it’s hard when it doesn’t hit the bull’s eye.Nearly a year after the shortfilm,I was informed about the Talk To Lens organized by RenBash Production (Mr.Subash of Pensil fame) and also Kaadhaldesam.com to recognize local young Indian short film makers. Thanks to Uma to somehow brainwash me and entered the competition with my previous work.
                      The competition grand finale was on the specific date 21-12-2012, I have make my mind if today I don’t get a chance to go out speak about myself, I will never think about use my cameras to shoot any short films .But trust me, I was nominated for 2 awards (best direction and best film) and was selected as the top 5 film of the competition. Adding to this shock, WAU had a chance to see the big screen at TGV Setia Wangsa at 7.30, significantly the moment where everyone thinks it will be an end, I just feel like a small kick-start for my dream. I was speechless, appreciated by a award winning director, Mr. Subash .I remember his “Pensil” short film was one of the best that Malaysia had once. It was still the best even after it was made into big screen. He told me that, good effort always paid off, especially in our country, you need some additional PATIENCE.

I realize that sometimes good things will come to you, even though it is after a year.

Special thanks to Uma,
Without your encouragement,
I wouldn’t have my second thoughts!

Mano Rasaratnam

Below are the some of the event pictures and video clips,please have a glance :)

WAU short film :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ou6X4V4RMGw

2012 Valentine Day Special Video Song

Image Credits To Kaadhaldesam.com