Movie Review :Viswaroopam

Viswaroopam , a much hyped movie starring Kamal Hassan, Pooja Kumar, Andrea Jeremiah and Nasser in lead roles. Music by Shankar Ehsan Loy, finally hits the theatres across world yesterday, and it was just another lucky to get tickets for Viswaroopam's first day show ticket on public holiday.

This movie is about Wisam Kasmiri a.k.a Viswa a.k.a Viz, a Kathak master settled in Los Angeles. The story begins with Nirupuma played by Pooja Kumar making her confession about her marriage life, that she actually married to Viz played by Kamal Hassan just to further her studies in doctorate, she was having affair with boss, Deepan .There is nothing more than "just married" and they are not more than a hi-bye friends, so she hired a private investigator to follow Viz to check whether is he having any affair with anyone else, at least she doesn't feel guilty. The investigator found out that Viz is a Muslim and not a Hindu as others believe, this is rest of the story that you should watch in theatre.

The movie created a lot of buzz in India with an allegation of degrading Muslims and all that. First of all, there is no scene where I found it have insulted Muslims anyway. It is safe to watch this movie with family (18+), except some violence and sexual scenes.

The plot of the story was well designed ,each of the scenes were related, none of the scenes will make you feel bored .But before you watch the movie , just like other Kamal Hassan's movie ,you need to Google the facts like "why US attack Iraq, Afghanistan? Who is Osama bin Laden? Conspiracy behind the 9/11 attack? “Once you get these answers then you can enjoy this masterpiece. The real plot starts after an hour where the main characters have been kidnapped and then you will take off to the Kamal Hassan Viswaroopam. The mass scene, the fight to escape with the “Yaar Endre Therigiratha” gains claps in theatres.

Kamal's story-a story about the war ,great thinker indeed, a good screenplay, each of the scenes were related and this is first time I saw such ending for a continuity (even in Singgam, the villain killed and probably the part 2 will have a new storyline).Kamal even mentioned the part 2 will be in India.

The music background ,Shankar Ehsan Loy have done a wonderful job with the BGM and “Unnai Kannathe Naan” song added with Pandit Birju Menon and Kamal's Kathak dance, it was nice-a decent job.

Kamal again-I think Kamal have indentify the drawback in his earlier venture with KS Ravikumar-Dasaavatharam, there is no multiple roles ,long running scenes, long car chase .If you feel Dasavatharam doesn't meet expectation, Viswaroopam will.

Good selections of actor and actress, good camera work , good editing will be added as an additional points as all of them worked pretty good and the effort is absolutely can be seen on screen.

-Poor graphics, some of scenes were so obvious the green screen effect.

So far, I feel like only this is the one I feel like lacking somewhere otherwise the movie is awesome.
And of course, if you enjoyed the movie, I’m sure you will feel like there are some unanswered questions
-Of all people, why Viz?
-If he is an intelligent officer in Afghanistan then why he settled in Los Angeles?
-The reason why become a Kathak dancer?
-Why he married Nirupuma?
-Why and what was the ending scenes means?
-Who is Andrea at first?

I'm waiting for Viswaroopam 2 to get all these answers. I’m not regret spending my public holiday watching this movie anyways. Kudos to Kamal Hassan and team, keep rocking!