Why P1 Wimax ?

Well , I used to be a heavy net user during back in Sunway , for your information  I was subscribing TM Unifi 250  20Mbps user for 1 and a half year,seriously it sucks ! All the time network down ,modem problem ,poor customer services and etc.They are like when good , it will be too good, and when it is bad then it would be the worst ,most probably you might end up with heart pain.*face palm* So, when I shifted back to Kepong , I was looking for a good ISP provider and seriously i didn't thought to give TM another chance ,with limited budget eventually I have not much choices its either broadband or wireless after narrow it down to the best price that I could effort ,so ended up with last decision of either U mobile or P1 Wimax.

The difference was not much it was more or less only .YOU mobile basically is a broadband-mobile on the other way around P1 support more than 4 laptops and they having a promo for exchanging broadband for an additional 125 GB quote.Previously I subscribed YOUmobile ,it was fine and extreme good only for the first 5 month ONLY and after that,everything slow a.k.a SELOW .Best service only last for first 5 months and after that speed throttle ,even Google loading like tortoise (kura-kura) .

So , I go through all the P1 Wimax user and reviews ,actually a lot of people gave negative review to choose P1 mostly for their signal problem and quota issues.But then as what I understand for signals strength , it depends the position of the modem and the P1 tower that really decide the signal strength.Wise people say its always first impression that decides but,  P1 Wimax is they having a 7 day trial period where you can return the modem and get back the cash.You need to pay RM 100 and then get your modem and test for the signal and everything,if you are not satisfied ,just return the modem and get back your cash.

Let me explain more on the packages they offer:

*note:posted below is the current promotion by P1 Wimax and may slightly differ from the package that I subscribe.

Light userFor the ForHome79 package you will get 1 Mbps speed ,8 GB+1 GB quota,voice bundle(free call 100 min) and comes with 12 and 24 month contract.
Medium userFor Home99 package offers 2 Mbps speed,20 GB+3 GB quota and voice bundle(free call 200 min) and
Heavy userFor Home 139 package offers 4 Mbps speed,30 GB+5 GB quota and voice bundle (free call 300 min) 

All these packages come with 12 and 24 month of contract and you need to pay RM100 as upfront and month additionally RM10 for 5 months for registration.If you choose to terminate the bundle voice package the RM10 will be deducted from the next cycle bill.If you have any used broadband modem you can trade and get and additional 5 GB for the next 20 month.

So I choose subscribe the P1 Wimax 69 For Home package which include a DV230 4G desktop modem and also a telephone(add RM10).Since I'm using hand phone already and also already had a TM Homeline ,I prefer to terminate the P1 Homeline.

In short Rm79-RM10=RM69 only !

And the speed result  ;)
*The result will be updated time to time
1st test-May 2013
2nd test-June 2013

3rd test -July 2013
4th test -July 2013
5th test -September 2013

As for the consistent and signal strength and customer service till now ,I am really satisfy with their  service ,quite fast their dealing with customer and after I terminate the voice bundle package and return them my broadband dongle for the trade in program ,they issued me a printed copy of the trade in program.


P/s:As what I read from the forum and blogs,P1 Wimax user usually encounter only after the 6th month of usage,most probably there will be another post on P1 Wimax after the 6th month.. S-OO-N.