Soosai  : Semma haze machi ,yennada pandrathe?
Mokkai :Onnum panname irru ,athuve pothum.
Soosai : Athu yepadida onnum panname irukarathe
Mokkai : Haze..Jerebu da..unake yenna jalabujaks matter ah machi . Ippove API level reaching 357
               in Melaka,very bad machi.
Soosai : Ya machi ,thanni nalla kudikenum
Mokkai :Athethan daily pandrume da ,ithellamava advicene sollanum?
Soosai : Dei loose ,nee adikire thani verada ,naa solre thani..mineral water da pakki !
Mokkai : I think some language configuration (confusion) da.
Soosai : Moodri. Konjum miss anna ,approm shieldtox adicha cockroach mathiri  yengeyavuthe
              surunde kadekepogere. Ollunga roomle iru,yengayum veliyepogathe da.
Mookai : ~I'm speechless~

Haze alert and Health alert

Signs of haze infection :

  • pharyngitis
  • cough
  • Red on eyes
  • Itchy sensation in the throat
  • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
  • Chest pain

Stop outdoor activities, drink more water guys !
Air quality based on PSI is as follows:

Health Advisory for General Public and Workers

Note: The advisory issued each day will be based on the PSI. However, if PM2.5 levels warrant a higher-level advisory, a higher-level advisory will be issued.
** Prolonged = continuous exposure for several hours
*** Strenuous = involving a lot of energy or effort
^^ N95 mask not suitable for pregnant women and children
^ Persons with chronic lung or heart conditions who feel uncomfortable when wearing the N95 masks should stop doing so and consult a doctor before carrying on
Regional Haze Map

Source: NEA