Movie Review: Maariyaan

P/s: This article is written in English and romanized Tamil , because I know my "Peterings" level and kind of fun writing like this.Basically,nambelleke yenna varedho athethane seiya mudiyum.

Movie: Maariyaan
Theater :GSC USJ
Ticket price: RM10.00+ 50 cent for phone booking.

Having such a strong team of Dhanush,AR Rahman,Salim Kumar,Appukutty,and Bharat Bala himself a Tamil Nadu national award recipients  The movie is far better than Kadal but then it could have been added few more elements to make it more racy .


Padam chumma chewing gum mathiri irukke,the first scene parkumbothum ,interval scene varumbothum padam sikirama irukkumne thonum but it's not,padam semma slow,inniki start panna 7 days kalicha finish agere mathiri story.In terms of acting Dhanush proves it once again and also to all the other cast and crew.Just the loan shark's character could be more serious and also Salim Kumar's characterization compared to his national award film adaminte makan abu felt his talent was underutilized and also his dubbing. Yetho voice cord lari agene mathiri irukke.

I believe this could be because the screenplay.It could be better if the sory is told in documentary style with some flashbacks where those unwanted and too detailed flashbacks could be avoided and the story focuses on how Dhanush escapes the terrorists .Yevallo english padam parkerom ,127 hours and Cast Away mathiri but somehow even those film were quite slow paced movies.

I felt the best part of the film was AR Rahman's music magic ,Dhanush's acting especially the scenes at Sudan when he escape for the terrorists.Rombo realla irunthechi.Heroin Parvathy paarke rombo allaga irukange ,one more movie nadichingana Nazriya veye challenge pannelam.The child soldiers acting was impresive as well their looks very real .1 songs vanthe wrong timing and 1 more wrong visualization and sonapareeya have the shades of magudi song from Kadal.

During a interview with Mirchi FM, Bharat Bala and the crew was talking about the leopard scene will be a highlight,but athu cheetahva ille chipsmore cheetahvane terile.Now you see,now you don't.Since this movie was shooted in backward format you may find some goofs on Dhanush's beard increase,decrease and again changes.

Oops..nearly forget to mention Appukutty's action and Jegan's comedy about madrasi and Ra-one both were very was nice !

After the second part of Enga Ponna Rasa songs ,the theater crowds already start to walk out from the cinema because engada innum sit panirenthomna sleep panirevomne.So after watch this movie and see people putting status like best movie ever ,total mind blowing story and etc,makes me feel am I the only one that felt I shouldn't have rushing for the first day show 

Nandri vanakkam.