"Cycle gap"escape

I think my blog have eventually become a place for me to rant on things happening outside world ,haiyoo haiyoo..blog open panni pudicha pic podelamne partha,videmathenge pole, anyways whatever i scribble here is just to create awareness or show people thing like things happen rather then show off my powerful  powderful englisu !

To be exact on the issue , right now exactly 10.36 pm @4/7/2013 let me rewind few hours.....

It was published that Singam 2 release date is on 5 JULY 2013,irunthallum natpukagene ivenenge pecha nambi ,I went Sentul theater to buy ticket for the movie.I parked the car not even at the parking lot ,it was actually outside the parking lot and it was at the DBKL parking lot , ore 2 step vechirepen,thidurne ore kural, suddenly asking for parking RM2 . huh?

Just imagine 15 lots x RM 2=RM30 x 20= RM600,easy money yo..

I'm quite sure he is not local Malaysian and the way he was asking was quite rude and then was I questioned him why should I pay for DBKL lot athevum nightle,he say I still need to pay for it because area not safe then anything can happen to my car and he wont jaga if I didn't pay as he was so sure that something going to happen.
My exact felling'su when that guy explaining me need to pay for  DBKL parking at night !
He was a worker at the parking area and from his accent its easy for me to guess he was trying his luck to get some money.Understanding his plan ,I manage to tell him I'm going to buy ticket and will pay him once I'm back. After I double check with the counter they told me ticket is only available for tomorrow show ,feel quite disappointed that today night no show for Singam 2.Then when I get back to my car the guy was not there then as usual me escape . Mudiyuma nambekitte..Yenda yean ,local'le nambe allenge pandra aniyayem list potalle 2 and half day pudikum solli  mudike ithelle neegaluma.

And that awkward moment that nearly simply pow after getting disappointing for no Singam 2 show ,and it really make me think

P/s: My intention to write my review for the Singam 2 ended up with ranting session ,it gave me a spoiler alert for the movie.So konjam wait panunge review ode varen !

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