Adios 2013

Thank you for visiting my blog even though it have been quite some times I update my blog.
And yes ,its going to be the end of the year and in the midst of getting ready to welcome new year.Just for a recap or a summary of moment or just a small yearly event audit of my life...Hahaha ,don't worry I'll make as simple as I can :)

RECAP #2013
Jan.1Malaysia charity tour 2013
This event was organized by local artist groups and glad to be a part of them ,it was my first time to involved in charity event and really leave a deep memories in me.
Lesson learnt : Being a part of charity is a must regardless you are doing alone,with friends,or anyone.Just donation doesn't meant anything infact,move your as$ and get involved in these kind of activities.

Feb.Internship experiences
Compare to all my other friends ,I'm a bit special because I had the chance to work in two different working environment .Keeping that everything is lesson ,hence I learnt experience which is priceless.
Lesson learnt : Plan everything ,whatever comes easy to you ,trust me it only going to give you hard time !

Mar.Home Sweet Home
After having really hard time with house contractor ,even it was 2 months late than what I have planned ,he manage to pass me the house key on March .It was wonderful event with all the family members and friends.By the way I had to move out from Sunway due to the distance to office ,decided to travel from Kepong to office.
Lesson learnt : If you are looking forward to renovate your house ,make sure you have enough time to watch the renovation progress like..everyday.Yes everyday ,or else you might end up paying twice for the same work !

April ,except the first day ,I felt like not much fun as the workload was getting more and more . Hardly have time to spend with friends.
Lesson learnt : You have the complete rights to be what you wanna be. WORK , FUN or BOTH !

May: Happy Birthday, Sis
This month was a celebration indeed .I'm not sure why ever since when I was in school life ,I always felt that this month like real happiness,its throughout the month.
Lesson learnt : You don't really need a reason to be happy.

Jun.Internship over
This was the time where I really had  need to catch up with my studies ,after all my friends who did their foundation completed their studies and continue as a permanent staff at the same place while I need to  come back to campus to complete my remaining subjects.
Lesson learnt : Form 6 or foundation both are same ! It all depends how you wanna take it.

Jul.Items for sale
Parents when to India and I have some saving and just want to try my luck and invested on it.Thank god , managed to clear out most of the stocks and set an column for offer and helped some of my friends to sell of their things.
Lesson learnt : There is always new things to try ,don't set a limit for yourself .Try first ,the rest next !

Aug.Final Exam
Whoop , time moves really fast , its final exam ,there was already some rumors that that batch would be the last batch to do exam at LCS campus as the university decided to move  to new building at Kelana Jaya . This is an unusual situation ,you don't hear news where you will be the last .So ,I manage to spend sometime sitting at the usual spot where me and my friends lepak ,MPM,Student lounge,etc .Damn ,those are the golden memories , I still remember how I met with Thilak ,Raj, Mogan and Usman when I entered the University.
Lesson learnt : Life is heaven when you are in University !

Sept.-Oct Survive
After completed my studies ,I was getting quite a number of bookings for photography until I was confused to start full time career in photography.Nearly forget it , I was offered to be assistant director for local director Mr .Subash for 2 of his movie , great learning ,a rare opportunity that anyone gets and chances was knocking my door.I didn't think long ,I join the crew.It was fantastic experience ! Anyhow ,3 years of studies shouldn't be wasted just like that ,I think I should give a try in IT and built a future in it.Meanwhile , my graduation is just around the corner, yess !
Lesson learnt : Listen first ;decide later !

Nov.Grad & Work
Finally it happened ,my graduation being the eldest in the family ,kind of feel the pressure once I step out the hall.I will no longer a student ,I need a job ,I can't be jobless always ,need to buy this,need to buy was really a headache when you have so much of things running in your head.Then the end of the month ,I was offered a job at Cyberjaya and Sunway miss me so much until I had relocate my self to the old house with Mogan and Dhinesh.
Lesson learnt : It is good if take sometime to rest ,but unfortunately you can't resting all the time !

Dec.Plan Plan and Plan
Settle with studies,settle with house ,settle with job.Next drafting things to done in 2014.I really have this plan to continue studies for master level ,or should I just take a professional course ,fingers crossed ,hope the coming year will be a great year for everyone and may this year brings you all happiness and prosperity !
Lesson learnt :This might the time to recollect the lesson and apply for next year .Start planning !

And this concludes the events of 2013...