Welcoming 2014

New year,new resolutions,more experience and very much prepared to face the rest of 364 days.As a part of tradition ,I would like take some space to list down my resolution ,so that everyone know and they can remind me just in case as I might off track at the middle.

Things to be accomplish by 2014

1.Revamp this blog.I might consider to do some changes including the domain,header and also the contains,more articles and dedicated place for gallery.I hope to share more tips and tricks ,opinion sharing,my daily rants and so on and also not to limit myself to only photos.

2. Project 365--A special project which carries the theme of  "A day,a picture".

3.Complete my next target for 50 photo shoots ,regardless what event/ model /jalan-jalan/ etc , I really need to work harder to beat my personal record of previous year (33 events).

4.MOD Myvi to be better look,a complete project log will be updated once started.(Although already 5 years with Myvi ,I have never give to its look which unfortunately resulted the exterior part of my car looks a bit dull)

5.Yearly target which I have hard time to keep up , LOOSE WEIGHT! For this one ,I don't prefer a log but would update if come across any working food diet or exercise. As a start ,I would start with swimming.

6. VLOG - This one actually I have planned long time ago ,just hardly find time to start up.Soon ,hope will sketch for something and make it work.But wait ,its like so hard for me to imagine myself appearing infront camera and talk something flawlessly. Hmmmm...yosikanum...

7.A Mac Pro -This one just my wish ,hope-lah at least this year able to buy it.

8.Planning to upgrade my camera stuf f ,time to do some important investment.

9.Start up a small business.-Not sure what it would bebut really got this idea to try business keeps running in my head for quite sometime.

10.Finally , plan for holiday and go somewhere like Bali or Krabi. Almost 4 years didn't have chance to take a break for holiday and most of the time it will be either last minute plan cancel or I cannot arrange my time, this time awal-awal plan and execute it properly.