"I" - My Unofficial Story

It just WOW..Shankar's "I" speaks more than Indian cinema have seen so far.Well ,that just mean I'm going to write a small story about how and what the story line would be based on my own imagination and a did little guessing on the story line "If I am .....". A small synopsis based on my imagination...

"I" is a crime/thriller with social message story about a bodybuilder/gym master.The story start with the heroin (Amy Jackson) was missing and some medical drug case on the rise .Hence CBI , Suresh Gopi is ordered to take charge on the kidnap/missing case and eventually found out that the missing case is linked with the sport medical drug issue.Soon he start to investigate the case file,the story begin.

Hero (Vikram) is a tough guy who is actively involved in bodybuilding/gym master.He always wanted to have those beast type body in order to excel in his field and he was looking for a quick solution.He then met Amy Jackson and they fall in love.

Meanwhile ,the villains Amy Jackson's father Mohan Kapoor  is a well known international scientist, by making false promises to Vikram telling him that he will make him muscular, heroines father injects the wrong drug into Vikram’s body which make him look pale and old.As he need someone to test their drug and so he tested it on Vikram .No one is sure about the consequences of the overdose drug intake and eventually caused the physical changes in his body appearance.Sooner or later ,Hero(Vikram) have lost his identity and try to hide himself in a old factory then to a old building.

Later ,Vikram again, Upen Patel scientist induces one more drug into Vikram’s body which makes him cruel animal who eats flesh, another scientist (Ram Kumar)who is against the heroine’s father’s.

The story continues with how hero finds out the perpetrator and he revenge those who caused his physical changes.The story also unfolds how he  prove to Amy Jackson that she is the same Hero (Vikram) before the changes and also whether she accept him. Furthermore,did he manage to meet Ram Kumar (scientist) to get the antidote for his condition  and with Ram kumar's help did he manage to stops all kinds of false science done by the heroine’s father and hand him over to police will be the rest of the story.

So,that is just my version of "I" dot.

Kathai solvathu yenvellai,namberathum illathathum ungelode istham.
Telling the story is my responsible,believing it or not its up to you!

Waiting for Director Shankar and Vikram's magnum opus creation. All the best for the team!

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