BlackBerry Jam Hack 2012

Below article is about recent event conducted by BlackBerry and that took place at UNITAR International University ,Leisure Commerce Square .

Back to blogging after some hectic events,first was the BlackBerry BB JAMHACK MALAYSIA 2012 which was co-organized my university .Let me share some of the experience with you guys.BTW,do you know......

BlackBerry® JamHack 2012 is BlackBerry's first simultaneous Asia-Pacific-wide hackathon! Experienced and aspiring developers, UI designers, product marketers and managers are all welcome to participate in the event, where individuals and teams will compete to build the best app based on the category allocated to their city.
Please visit here for more details: BBJAMHACK2012

So,earlier the week of competition,I was informed regarding this event at first I was about to be a part of organizing members but then things change and I myself , Mogan , Upenthiren make up a team and later joined by Selva and Muru.We brainstorm on the idea and prepared the whole thing.We actually lack of knowledge on the BB10 platform ,it is different than the Android platform.

Quite Really tough !

But then our idea was good which is to create an application which compile all the world classic literature with different language of translation.We took Thirukural as our prototype ,the application contains Tamil,English ,French,Malay and also with English meaning with it.Not to forgot ,the other two teams lead by Mathavan and Hasyim,developing on the Sudoku for kids-SudoKido and Event reminder.

With this idea, whooop...40 hours with laptop,snacks,Red Bull,Wii,Xbox and a lot of laughter (especially the Gangnam Style ) . Really had a great time with Mr.Shukri ( Developer Group Manager of BBMYCoders ) and the other friend from Jakarta really nice to be around of them to guide us  .Hope there will be another chance for a workshop for our university students :)

The competition is open for Malaysia people ,in other words, all the sifu-sifu of BB coding was there also , so don't expect  my team won the first prize to Bangkok ,as this is our first time to be hands on with BB10, I really don't mind losing the competition but then it really teach me in thousand of ways.Now, installed Cascade and still googling for some better tutorials. So at last,then we only manage to develop it on android version and we presented it to the final day.Thanks to all my team members especially Mogan ,Upenthiran ,Selva and Muru,we still manage to finish the prototype on time :)

BTW,congrats to the Team Websmith ATP who won the prize and will be going to Bangkok next month.The 1BB apps is really awesome. The application lists out the Kedai Runcit 1Malaysia and Klinik 1Malaysia around the country, and provides details such as address, opening hours and contact details. It also utilizes GPS to lock down the user’s location, and then implements augmented reality technology that lets users located the 1Malaysia outlets around them via the device’s camera.Kudos.

Picture by Umaparan Muthu
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BlackBerry Jam Hackathon - UNITAR, Kuala Lumpur

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